Services that Change Lives Every Day

IFP's Health and Wellness Services use cutting edge technologies, methodologies and supplements to maximize the health, wellness and lifestyle of our clients.

Health Coaching

With so many diets, supplements, and lifestyle choices available, our clients find comfort and success in working with IFP certified Health Coaches.

Our experienced health coaches will listen and help you address life's physical and emotional needs so that you can feel the best that you can every day. Your coach will provide accountability, guidance, and a clear Health Plan custom made for you and your goals.

Testing & Evaluation

IFP offers comprehensive testing and evaluation services to show where you are at in terms of total health. Using this information, we create your Health Plan

To get started, answer a few questions about your health including your age, gender, sex, race, weight, and other key medical information. Once you have answered all the questions, you will then be asked to enter your current state of health. This includes questions regarding past surgeries, current medications as well as problems you are currently facing.

After a brief consultation, you will be given a personalized report detailing your current health status, activity level, quality of life, and physical health risks. At this point we begin creating your custom Health Plan.

The results from this test should be interpreted only as an estimate of your health, and should not replace professional medical care.

Prehab & Recovery

Better withstand injury, recover faster, and become more efficient from the get go with Prehab & Recovery options from IFP.

Using state of the art technology and methodologies, IFP's Health Coaches are able to bring dynamic healing and regeneration to our client base. To learn more about how you can incorporate these into your life, contact your Health Coach.


Health optimization allows IFP to bring your health goals to reality using cutting edge supplements, including peptides and Nutraceuticals.

The main aim is to improve the levels of a person's health. Even if there is only a 20 per cent improvement in health, this translates into more energy, higher life expectancy, better digestion and less risk of illnesses.

Health optimization is usually related to the management of the client's diet, supplement regime and lifestyle. The IFP store contains a total and complete selection of the best products used to optimize a healthy lifestyle.