About Infinity Functional Performance, LLC (IFP)

Infinity Functional Performance is a functional medicine company specializing in lifestyle optimization, in which the body is viewed as an interconnected system.

IFP offers personalized preventative care and nutrition to promote overall health. IFP also offers wellness-based medical programs and optimization for all ages, abilities, backgrounds, and lifestyles.

We are dedicated to helping individuals, organizations and companies identify and market a multitude of products and services in the health and wellness sector.

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Glenn Cochrane, President & Founder

Glenn Cochrane, MSN, CRNA
President and Founder

Mr. Cochrane is the President and Founder of Infinity Functional Performance as well as Krystal Anesthesia & Pain Specialists. He began his career in Emergency Medical Services over two decades ago as a Firefighter.

His highly diverse resume pulls from a past that went on to include practice as a Paramedic, Emergency Nurse, and Flight Nurse. He also has Critical Care experience spanning the lifespan from neonatal to geriatric patients prior to his education and training in Anesthesia and Functional Medicine.

Mr. Cochrane also has advanced education in Pharmacology and Toxicology as well as specializing in and educating nationally on the topics of Ultrasound Guided Regional Anesthesia, Ultrasound Point of Care Examinations, and Opioid Free Anesthesia and Pain Management.


"I've always struggled with my weight, energy levels and moderate depression. What Infinity Functional Performance did for me was to provide a perspective on my overall health that I lacked. By seeing this overview of my lifestyle and having a strategy for each aspect, IFP has helped me to change my life. I'm happy, I'm healthy, and I wake up everyday excited! Glenn and his team are professionals that care; and that seems hard to find these days."

- Taylor J.

"My primary care physician had me on, well, countless medications. Anti-depressants, heart meds, blood pressure meds, etc... That was what I needed for that part of my life. But I knew I wanted more than just baseline health. I wanted to feel great! My research led me to IFP where I met Glenn. He's a straight shooter and created a tailor made plan to get me healthier than I've ever been -through diet programs, supplements and peptides. My primary care doctor says that if my levels continue to show improvement, I'll be able to come off at least 2 of the medications he prescribed. He asked me how I did it - I told him I went to IFP!"

- Marleen T.