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About Infinity Functional Performance

Infinity Functional Performance is a functional medicine company specializing in lifestyle optimization, in which the body is viewed as an interconnected system. IFP offers personalized preventative care and nutrition to promote overall health. IFP also offers wellness-based programs and optimization for all ages, abilities, backgrounds, and lifestyles.

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IFP Health Coaching

Our experienced health coaches will listen and help you address life's physical and emotional needs so that you can feel the best that you can every day.

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Testing & Evaluation

To get started, answer a few questions about your health including your age, gender, sex, race, weight, and other key medical information. Once you have answered all the questions, you will then be asked to enter your current state of health. This includes questions regarding past surgeries, current medications as well as problems you are currently facing.

After a brief consultation, you will be given a personalized report detailing your current health status, activity level, quality of life, and physical health risks. At this point we begin creating your custom Health Plan.

The results from this test should be interpreted only as an estimate of your health, and should not replace professional medical care.

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